All About Eryn

Eryn is a 10.5ft (3200mm) diameter sphere made from Sitka Spruce. She was our second handcrafted sphere; almost 80% larger than Eve and more elegant. She has recently been moved to a nicely forested grove of cedar and fir trees giving her complete privacy and a short walk to the bath house.

To get to Eryn, one strolls across an elevated walkway to the platform at the base of the spiral staircase leading to Eryn's door.

Eryn has a comfy duvet covered double bed and a loft bed with a weight limit of 165 pounds. She sleeps 2 people comfortably in her double bed and a third person in the loft.

There are 5 windows including a skylight. She is electrically heated with a thermostat on the wall. For your convenience Eryn has a small sink and very small refrigerator, counter space, a settee, cupboards with dishes, purified water and all the fixing for making tea and coffee. For your enjoyment she also has a built in speaker system for those who wish to bring their own music and video devices. Rates

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