All About Eve

Eve is made from cedar strips and was our first hand crafted sphere. Eve is 9 ft. in diameter (2800mm) and has 2 - 4' diameter windows. She has one comfy duvet covered single bed, a settee for sitting, cupboards and counter space. We provide purified water and all the fixings for making tea and coffee. For your enjoyment Eve has built in speakers for those who wish to bring their own music and video devices.

Eve sleeps one comfortably but can also shelter a cozy couple. The bed is 40" at the widest point - hip level. We suggest a combined weight of no more than 300 lb (137 kg) for bed comfort. Two larger people would find it too small. The sphere can hold far more weight but it is for your sleeping comfort that we have the size consideration. Eve is quaint and cozy inside with a small electric heater on the floor. She nestles in the branches of a warm little grove of cedar and maple trees. Rates

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